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Coastal Living Interiors


Fine Furniture Galleries/Coastal Living Interiors is tucked away in Palmetto Bluff. In fact, it remains a “beautiful find” to the customers and clients who enter its doors.

The gallery is an eclectic mix of upholstered and leather pieces, and a dazzling array of exquisite accessories for the home. The feel is at once classic and elegant with sophistication perfect for the Lowcountry. 

Fine fabrics of mohair and silk intensify the luxuriant aura. Classical lines that draw on centuries-old cultures reign in the gallery, but streamlined and updated designs are also visible. Make no mistake: this is an “acquired look.”

Michele has been involved in the interior design business for over twenty-five years. Her client base includes CEO’s and CFO’s of major companies in the United States and abroad. Five years ago she opened Fine Furniture Galleries in order to bring the Lowcountry “ a beautiful collection of designer pieces”, generally only seen by members of the trade. As president and interior designer, Michele Wood takes pride in her ability to listen to her client’s needs and desires. Fine Furniture Galleries is a full service interior design company which includes window treatments, fabrics, and access to more than 400 furniture and accessory lines. Additionally, Michele has built a team of designers and consultants whose commitment to their clients embodies affordability, beauty, and comfort.


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